This Unquiet Land: Stories from India’s Fault Lines

About the Book

“One of the most remarkable books ever published about contemporary India, arguably themost complex society on earth, This Unquiet Land tells the truth about the country’s secretsand lies, its torments and triumphs, and its heroes and villains. This is the first book byBarkha Dutt, India’s best known journalist.India’s fault lines run wide and deep.

Some of them go back centuries, others are of comparatively recent origin. The myriad villainsthese fault lines have spawned include rapists, murderers, terrorists, prophets of religioushatred, corrupt politicians, upholders of abhorrent caste traditions, opponents of free speechand dissent, apologists for regressive cultural practices, and external adversaries who tryto destabilize our borders.

About the Author

“Barkha Dutt, one of India’s most prominent journalists and television anchors, became ahousehold name with her reporting from the front lines during the Kargil conflict betweenIndia and Pakistan in 1999. In addition to her war reporting (from countries as varied asPakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya), in India she has reported from the field onvirtually every important national story- politics, insurgencies, social upheavals, floodsand famine. She has won more than forty national and international honours for her

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